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Update - Program

Saturday, 20th October 2018 

 @ Workshop area | Registration is needed 


12.00 - 12.30 | Session 1 | P. Kouanis, President & CEO - EKOME S.A. | G. Moschovis, Deputy Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Greece | A. Georgakakis, President and CEO - ETEAN S.A.

Subsidies, soft loans, tax rebates etc 

National and/or European representatives for cultural, innovation, and R&D funding for games – financing sources that does not require any or full repayment in every case.


12.30 - 13.00 | Session 2 | Pieter van der Pijl, Managing Partner - InFinCapital

Bank loans, advances for user acquisition

How to make your company eligible for different lending opportunities and where to apply for them.


13.00 - 13.45 |  Session 3 | Timo Ylikangas (VC), Ambassador of Kavio Cluster / Gaming Industry Specialist at Kainuun Etu Oy vs Guillaume Lautour (PF), Managing Partner - Level-Up

Equity investments (vs Project financing)

Active discussion between Venture Capitalist investment vs Project Financing. Pros, cons and the different nature of both camps.


13.45 - 14.45 | Panel Discussion 

(with guest speaker Andrea Chifu, High Priestess - Rawfury)

Moderator: Erik Robertson

All previous speakers engage in a panel, discussing strategies for given hypothetical

cases, as well as for real-world scenarios from game developer audience.


14.45 - 15.15 | Break


15.15 ~ 18.00 | Speed Meetings




Games Financing Forum
Powered by Nordic Game

It is supposed to be hard to get financing!
The games industry is today, as always, rapidly evolving. Even with sustainable, continuous growth, market conditions, content and technologies change even more. And the competition is fierce.

To minimise the risks in financing any game project, it needs to be defined and refined. That should be a good thing.

However, the choice of financing, whether equity investment, loans, advances, or grants and subsidies, will influence the project. Going for an unsuitable source of financing, or better selected types but in the wrong sequence, can be very bad.

Games entrepreneurs need full overview of all financing models and sources, and deep insight into what comes with each, to be able to choose the best financing for their game project and company at each time.

This is what the Game Financing Forum is for. Apply to participate, right here:

Deadline for submissions is 8 October

GFF schedule at Athens Game Festival

Saturday  October 20th 2018 (program TBA)


Developer to-do:

Game developers and game technology and game industry service entrepreneurs can join by doing the following:

1) Get a Registration ticket for AGF18
2) Apply by filling out this form:
Deadline for submissions is 8 October

3) Be ready to submit a pitch that

  1. describes the team,
  2. the company's background and
  3. the project/-s, and also clearly answers three questions:
  4. “How will you make money?”,
  5. “What are you asking for?” and last but not least,
  6. “What are you offering?”, if this is the case.

4) A limited number of companies will be selected for the speed-meetings. There may be provided feedback and suggestions regarding the pitch to selected as well as not- selected entrepreneurs.

5) Armed with conference pass and prepared pitch, bring laptop and all necessary demo material.

6) Even if a team should not be chosen for the Forum speed-meetings, the improved pitch helps when meeting financiers during the event.

NOTE: All pitches from registered developers will be distributed to all attending accredited financiers.


GFF background
Nordic Game Resources (NGR) have introduced the Games Financing Forum to bring together games entrepreneurs and their projects with a range of financing sources and their offerings.

At NGR we have 15 years of experience in arranging games events, including focused financing content, and the Game Financing Forum has been developed alongside the Nordic Game conference, today the largest professional conference for game developers in Europe.

In addition, we designed and administered the Nordic game development funding system, handling 1.300 applications and the 125 resulting grants.

Our main achievements are in helping talented games developers to recognition and attention, as well as bringing them together with diverse sources of financing, from cultural grants to venture capital.

Since 2016 we have provided these activities to European and global games events in the last two years through the Nordic Game Discovery Contest, touring 15+ conferences annualy, and with season's finals in Malmö, Sweden, every year in May.

We have now extended this proven concept to games financing.



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