AGF People’s Choice Award

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AGF2018 is introducing a brand new contest, our very own People’s Choice Award!
We love games with all our heart and we strongly believe in game developers! This is why, this year, we want to give you the chance to show your games to a large audience, gain extra visibility and motivation, get your game discovered, and, most importantly, win exciting prizes!
Who Is Eligible: 
Open to all AGF2018 exhibitors. 
Please note that you can compete with only one game, the one you submitted on your exhibitor registration form. 
Competing For: coin321321
Many thanks to INNOVATHENS powered by Samsung και Lancom for supporting AGF People’s Choice Award!
The winner will be selected by the AGF2018 participants. Each visitor/exhibitor will receive a single voting card, along with their accreditation. Visitors will have all weekend to play your games, pick their favourite one and cast their vote anonymously in the ballot box, which will be placed in a central spot.
Voting ends at 16:00 on Sunday, October 21st 
The grand winner will be announced shortly after, during the Award Ceremony in the Main Hall.

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